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  • Jan-Michael Sutton ★★★★★

    Atlantic Coast Law was great to work with. They were able to break down all the legalese into a language I could understand. Very pleased with the results.

    Jan-Michael Sutton ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Barbara Sutton ★★★★★

    We just wrapped up working with Addison and Mark at Atlantic Coast Law for some personal business; they were highly skilled and professional in all dealings with us. They went above and beyond our expectations! Excellent Law Office!

    Barbara Sutton ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Sheridan Vernon ★★★★★

    I have an incredibly complex estate situation. My attorney Nicholas Fernez, the estate authority, at the firm, worked incessantly, COMING to my home multiple times, to plan, initiate and review numerous documents. His knowledge, expertise and passion for avoiding issues after death gave me complete comfort and confidence that I will be subjected to the LOWEST LEGAL tax burden for my estate and my heirs. In addition all my INSTRUCTIONS will be adhered to after death!

    Sheridan Vernon ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Will Souter ★★★★★

    Very professional and knowledgable team. Were able to provide me with insights into my situation that other attorneys had not. Would recommend highly to anyone in need of legal assistance.

    Will Souter ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Ryan Moszcienski ★★★★★

    A lot of options out their, but this firm is as close to home as you can get; professional and courteous both Addison and Mark helped guide me to the best option pertaining to my case in the end saving me money and getting me the results I needed!! I would recommend anyone to this business.

    Ryan Moszcienski ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Eric Ballard ★★★★★

    The whole staff is amazing. I had a set of traffic tickets that were so complicated neither the court or the DMV could tell me how to handle them. I finally decided to consult a lawyer and called Atlantic first. Before I even hired them they were giving me advice as to what my options were. I decided to go with them and they stayed in constant contact with me, answered every question I had and kept me informed each and every step of the way through my process. I highly recommend this firm.

    Eric Ballard ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Tianna Sanders ★★★★★

    The Atlantic Coast Law Firm is fantastic! I worked with Addison to get an LLC for my business. He was very responsive and we were able to set up a conference call immediately. Addison explained things well and made the process very easy to understand. He was kind and professional. I would highly recommend Addison and the Atlantic Coast Law Firm!

    Tianna Sanders ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Lesley McCoy ★★★★★

    Absolutely the best law firm around! Addison worked tirelessly to have our case dismissed and was very patient in answering all questions I had, even if I asked the same ones each time I saw him. The office staff is wonderful as well! Highly recommend Atlantic Coast Law to anyone who needs an attorney!

    Lesley McCoy ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Scott Wallace  ★★★★

    Best Law firm in town friendly staff. Well educated lawyers. Always there to help in hard times. Very

    professional and courteous. Would recommend to anyone for anything.

    Scott Wallace  ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Timothy Dugan  ★★★★

    Nick Leger is a phenomenal attorney. Nick gives 110% every time, and truly serves his client's best

    interest in every case. Nick is your best choice in New Hanover and Brunswick County for any family law issue.

    Timothy Dugan  ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Dale Akstin  ★★★★

    Addison is really an advocate for the little guy, the small business owner, the landlord (and tenant I

    imagine), and many others in the community who need legal guidance disseminated in a kind, succinct way to traverse situations where his services are needed. Thus far, Addison has exceeded all expectations and has really developed into a valuable member of my "team".

    Dale Akstin  ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review
  • Justin Hix ★★★★★

    Addison helped me with my case and made it all a very comfortable and easy to understand process. He answered all questions I had and was very professional. I was able to get my situation taken care of in a timely manner. I highly recommend Atlantic Coast Law Firm.

    Justin Hix ★★★★★
    Atlantic Coast Law Review

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Located in Downtown Wilmington and Bolivia NC, Atlantic Coast Law provides quality legal services, at a reasonable rate, that is both efficient, and proactive. Where many firms have an overhead that translates into high fees, Atlantic Coast Law employs the latest technology and appropriate organizational structure to reduce costs for its clients.

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